Sunday, November 6, 2011

How to Beat Homesickness

The Oxford English Dictionary describes homesickness as a feeling one has when missing homeThat's true that I feel homesick at times. I feel homesick for my mother's cooking, for my father's suffocating questions about my hairstyle, for my brother's throwing his dirty socks behind the sofa or my sister's never-ending lectures on child care. I have a dear home here in Sarajevo, that's for sure, but I feel a little bad when I remember I'm away from my family.

When you feel homesick, the wikiHow suggests as the second step to beat it, you find an activity to do when you miss your family. So, whenever I feel homesick, I beat three eggs with 1 cup of sugar and make some chocolate cakes. It really helps me beat homesickness: First, it helps me from focusing on home too much. More importantly the smell of the newly baked chocolate cake usually distracts me from feeling bad and makes me remember old good memories. I always feel better in the end. 

by Joshua Fialkov and Micah Farritor

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