Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mushrooms love gloomy November days

It's happening once again. It's almost the end of November in Sarajevo and gloom is already round the corner. It's started to get dark at around 5 o'clock which makes me feel like I'm living in St Petersburg at times and people have been moved into cafés since the Sun began playing hide-and-seek. This means there's been a big change here in the availability of sunlight. We are getting less and less exposed to sunlight which might delay some clocks inside us. Perhaps there are many clocks in us working with solar cells and one of them displays our daily mood. I do not know. The only thing I am sure is getting more light may reset these clocks and make people smile around once again. Anyway, these lovely brown mushrooms just popped up in the garden or I noticed them only now because I've been having the blues lately. Whatever the reason is, they helped me a great deal distract from the lack of sunlight. They didn't need any sunlight to grow in some dark part of the garden and they were still beautiful. For the first time, I found some common brown mushrooms just beautiful. I fetched my camera and took some photos right away. I imagined myself walking through a thick forest of giant brown mushrooms and I felt so tiny that I thought I could survive with a little bit of sunshine until spring arrives.

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Picking Mushrooms by Han-Wu Shen   

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