Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Milou the Chef

Hommade pizza by Milou the Chef 
Princess Milou loves watching Caillou and his adventures - eyes glued to the screen. These days her favourite episode is Caillou the Chef. No surprise: she might have found some resemblance to the things we do at home - the kitchen, the rolling pin, stirring, cooking, baking, decorating, etc.  

Well, after the episode, I felt really hungry and decided to make a pizza, but we didn't have any of the ingredients which are supposed to be a must for any pizza! The twins in the episode were right to insist it is their own pizza and so they should be free to add whatever they like when it comes to the ingredients. The important thing is the fun they have while they are making pizza and that was just we did. The list of the ingredients for a pizza is restricted only to the limits of your imagination after all. So, some whole wheat flour with some yeast, salt and lukewarm water did its job for the dough. Well, for the pizza toppings, we had only some tomato sauce, a little cow cheese from Travnik, Swiss chards from the garden, black olives from Turkey and Bosnian style smoked sausages and they all served well. One egg helped as the final touch. Have a look at our pizza! It turned into one of those pizzas favoured by many top blogs Food Buzz keeps promoting, didn't it? 

Milou didn't want an egg or smoked sausages on her own pizza :)

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