Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Flea Market in Sarajevo

Good news! We finally made it to the only flea market in Sarajevo. Here are a few things I noticed about the market which has a lot in common with other flea markets around the world. 

It is an outdoor market place located next to the field that is used for the used for car sales.

The flea market is open only on Sunday until 2 or 3 pm depending on the weather that day. 

The vendors range from Roma families that rent a place to sell unwanted household items they collected from the trash all around Sarajevo to individuals who want to sell either used goods or high quality items at low prices. 

All the shopping was done through bargaining. 

It was freezing cold outside, but it was pretty crowded at times. I was really happy to see that the flea market itself was functioning like a living organism which makes it possible for the city and its dwellers to recycle things. Because almost all the items on sale were the things you would throw away at spring cleaning or wouldn't dare to give to a second person just because they might be offended when offered such used clothes, toys, cosmetics, tools, gadgets,etc. Take a look at the photos below and you will understand what I mean. 

By the way, I find flea markets literally charming both because I have always been interested in objects with their own (hi)story and because they resist consumerism culture with all their might on their own.  

Shopping Tip

If you ever come across something you have been desperately looking for or something you fall in love at first sight, play it cool and hide your feelings. Calm down and approach the vendor/seller then. When they notice how happy you get over things, they start bargaining at a far higher price than you would.


  1. Na moje iznenađenje, tražila sam "flea market" i pojavio se post Flea market u Sarajevu, podsjetio me na naš u Karlovcu. Došlo je lijepo vrijeme, pa mislim da ću ga češće posjećivati.
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  2. Draga Mirjana,
    Hvala ti na komentaru.Vrijeme je djelomično oblačno danas u Sarajevu. Međutim, moj suprug i ja pokušati posjetiti buvljak svake nedjelje. Jutros, moj suprug je kupio prekrasan limenu kutiju čaja za moju kolekciju. To je super! Svakako bi trebao otići i posjetiti mjesto!

  3. Hello Mehtap,
    Thanks for your post. I am going to visit Sarajevo in the next weeks, do you know whether the market is still there or not on Sunday? Thank you!