Saturday, October 29, 2011

"I am a yummy robot!" said the cookie.

I always feel that I am blessed to have known Hatice and Selman who had their first son - Ahmed - almost three weeks ago. They live in New York and we are really sorry that we can't go and attend the baby shower. However, Milou and I wanted to make something special for Ahmed and decided to bake some salty sesame cookies for him. We know we can't send them to Brooklyn but we could send Hatice and Selman the photographs of this lovely robot instead, we thought. With the noodles as his joints and antenna, it's just lovely, isn't it? 

"Welcome Ahmed! We hope you will have fantastic days with your awesome parents!"

The recipe was quite easy but I hadn't baked salty cookies before. Perhaps that's the reason why I couldn't tell how my oven would react. They got a bit over browned in the end but they were crispy and tasty enough with a lot of sesame and mahlab in them.


  1. ''The A.W.E.S.O.M.E.-O 4000''

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  3. LOL! Would you like to name some of my other creations?

  4. I'd love to but awesome - o 4000 is the name Cartman used in South Park. :) However, I can name some other things you created. This is a real honour for me to have a change of serving you, My Highness :)