Monday, October 18, 2010

Worry Beads

Have you got worries? I have. I know some friends also have. Mine sometimes seem as large as a mammoth. That's for sure but I have no approved prescription to give them a sweep away. So I've always tried to replace them with opportunities to discuss my concerns or feelings in my own way like making cards. I do it for my friends as well. It sometimes sounds witless to do so for them but I cannot help showing friends that I have always a place where they may feel valued, safe and secure, away from their worries, if they wish. I heard a friend of mine overseas has been having difficulty falling asleep and wondered what things she thinks about when she cannot sleep. So I decided to send her some worry beads with my favourite poem by Emily Dickinson and Princess Milou added a few lines with her puffy stickers. Today we received a short message from Brooklyn which says for a couple of moments there were no worries on Earth when she received the card - I humbly imagined it happened so at least.
Worry beads (Kombolói)

Milou's puffy stickers

Milou's letter

I'm nobody by Emily Dickinson


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