Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dreaming of Drawing

Have I told you about Princess Milou's super dad? Well, he draws and paints for children. Milou hasn't started calling him an illustrator but many other people do so. She's definitely a lucky child to have such a talented daddy at home, honestly. I would name dozens of friends  who used to ask their dads to draw a simple cat for their art project but had to be contented with the dispiriting answer "Sorry, honey.  You know daddy can't draw a single straight line." or "Forgive me pumpkin. Daddy is terrible at drawing, you know." Whenever I witness him drawing, the lines and colours on the paper look incredibly admiring to me and I cannot hide my mounting envy.

Dreaming of Tibet by Emir Isovic

Dreaming of Istanbul by Emir Isovic

He mailed yesterday a few pictures to an  international cartoon competition held in Portugal. The theme is world heritage - world famous tourist spots in each country. Here are some of my favourites that he sent.  They are amazing, aren't they? You can have a look at many more of  his illustrations at superemir.blogspot.com
Dreaming of China by Emir Isovic
Dreaming of France by Emir Isovic

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