Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Reyyan's Dream

Dreaming of Bosnia by Emir Isovic

I feel blessed to have good friends all over the world who have dreams. Reyyan is one of those precious friends in Istanbul. She has just started lecturing on Cultural Studies at Istanbul Sehir University after working here for a couple of years at International University of Sarajevo. One of Emir's  fabulous illustrations happened to be one of her dreams - Bosnia. When we realised this happy coincidence, Princess Milou inspired me to paint the original drawing with fibre-tip pens and after a long painting session we mailed it to Reyyan. I told you before that I'm no good at drawing or painting but knowing that I was colouring one of my friend's dream was of great worth - although the result was not satisfactory as it was with Emir's. We waited until Reyyan received her dream to post the photographs. Enjoy them.
Dreaming of Bosnia


  1. And I feel blessed to have such thoughtful, creative, inspired and inspiring friends! This is one of the best, and most beautiful presents I have ever received...

    (Gönderdiğin linkten daha önce blogun anasayfası çıkmıştı. Bu sayfayı tesadüfen, yeni görüyorum!) :)))