Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Wooww!! I am lucky! I am lucky to have such amazing friends who mailed me two more gifts from London which immediately made me think I am closer to what I have been dreaming about for years - visiting London and having my high tea with H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. The sender of this card later wrote me that he picked it among all others just because Her Majesty the Queen has a queenly smile only on this one. There is no doubt she maintained her queenliness on many hundreds of other postcards as well but she smiled like a queen on this card only to my friend at that very moment. It's a witty explanation to buy a postcard, isn't it?
H.M. Queen Elizabeth II
 He was kind enough to e-mail me a photograph of the postcard store with all those cards with Her Majesty the Queen on them.

Here is another gift I started using right away -a  cute coin purse embroidered with glass beads. Lovely, isn't it? Don't blame me for puffing them this much but I do not know what else to do after realizing that I have friends who make me feel closer to what's been my dream since I was a child.

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  1. You're right about her queenly smile: I think that there is no queen in the world that looks so much like a queen! She is just like a dream...