Sunday, October 3, 2010

Autumn SA

Whatever you call it, fall or autumn, it's out there and winds have been whirling falling leaves all around the streets here in Sarajevo. The Sun has been playing hide and seek for weeks, skies will definitely turn grey soon but flowers have been showing off with a last vigorous effort before winter arrives in contrast to all melancholy associations of the season. 

Personification of Autumn
(Currier&Ives lithograph,1871)
Yesterday Princess Milou and I went out to pay another daily visit to birds, ants and bees in the neighborhood. I was telling her how distressing it is to see Sarajevo people turn inward both physically and mentally just because days of summer have ended as if they had to. The flowers in their gardens, though, with their showy and attractive colours keep telling them the opposite the livelong day. If they look around a bit more carefully they won't miss all those inspirational colours.

I was thinking out loud and Milou was  blowing "raspberries" while she was reaching out to a purple flower and so we decided to make a small autumn bouquet for the coffee table in our living room.  The bouquet in the photograph above worked indeed, the colours made me remember that  "Autumn" story I loved by Sterling North. I told you, autumn flowers are another source of free daily inspiration. 

An Autumn Princess by Sophie Anderson

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