Monday, August 19, 2013

Nectarine Salad with Baked Almonds and Mulberry Molasses Dressing

Summer is almost over. The street markets in Istanbul are still packed with all the summer fruits though. A couple of days ago I happened to walk through one market in Uskudar just because the main road on my way was blocked due to some road repair. How lucky I was! At every step I took I was turning my head to each side restlessly in an effort not to miss any colour while enjoying the smell of each fruit on the stalls. After passing by one stall an invisible wave of an inspiring smell hit me and the wave surrounded me until I sensed another smell of another fabulous fruit. Imagine the combination of all those wonderful odours! Figs, peaches, nectarines, melons, watermelons, white grapes, black grapes, apricots and so many others. It was more like a symphony of summer odours! I can't remember how many stalls, how many different kinds of fruit, vegetables or other local foods I counted. I knew that I was walking around just a typical street market, however, the continuum of all those colours, shapes and smells switched on my odour-induced neurobiological mechanisms and I felt happy. Just happy. 

Later on, after such a dream-like experience, it's quite likely to find yourself with a plate of fresh nectarines and almonds for lunch. It's still summer and Istanbul offers you some nectarines. Is there any possible way to ignore it? I couldn't. 

You can tell the difference between my conception of summer season before my errand to the market and the one after that. I started my post saying ''Summer is almost over.'' and in the previous paragraph I concluded saying ''It's still summer...'' That's the unavoidable effect of one single walk around an inspiring street market. 

3 medium nectarines
1 tablespoon almonds, baked and sliced
2 tablespoons mulberry molasses
1/2 tablespoon honey
Powdered sugar

1. Wash the nectarines.
2. Cut the nectarines into four pieces.
3. Put the slices onto a serving plate.
4. In a small bowl whish together honey and mulberry molasses until blended. 
5. Drizzle the dressing on the nectarines. 
6. Top with the almonds. 
7. Sprinkle with powdered sugar just before serving.
8. Bring some extra dressing to the table in a bowl for adding as one wishes.

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