Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Charted Cheese Wheel

There's still a lot to learn about cheese and I'm still learning. It seems that it will take a lifetime but it makes me feel really excited! Now imagine how wonderful I felt when I came across this charted cheese wheel on wired.com   

Let me quote Liz Stinson in her post on wired.com.

..Thanks to Pop Chart Lab, you can fake it til you make it as a cheese aficionado. In their newest print, Pop Chart organizes the overwhelming world of cheese into a tidy dairy-colored wheel of information. The graphic breaks down 66 varieties based on animal milk and texture and even includes an impressively accurate illustration of each type, just in case you need a little more guidance...
After such a happiness booster, I read on three more pieces of articles on cheese. Good ones. Here are the titles with the links. (Click on the title to read the article.) 

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