Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Homemade Snow Globe

M18 Hellcat? M7 Priest? M4A2 Sherman? PZPFW IV Ausf H? Any light dawned? Do not bother yourself much to associate the letters or numbers with the following nouns to reach a reasonable explanation or  guess. I also did not have the faintest idea what these numbers and letters stand for once until I denoted the whole WW II itself with all its events, people, vehicles, and the countries involved my most vicious enemy. Well, the names I listed above are the names of only a few of the World War II military tanks - my challenging rivals. Why? Because my husband is simply addicted to WW II. We haven't spent a single day without watching a documentary about a bloody battle, or looking at some old photographs from Stalingrad, or discovering a forum or blog about military vehicles dating back to pre-war days. He knows everything about the War in details. Whenever we enter a toy shop, he heads for the shelves where military model kits are sold. He hasn't got the largest collection of 1:72 or 1:35 scale military model kits of WW II vehicles but his tanks are the most valuable treasure he owns. That's my conclusion.

So, I decided to bury the hatchet with my foe and as an olive branch to present I rummaged the boxes full of plastic model soldiers and found this supposedly German infantry sergeant with his rifle in hand. I sprinted to the kitchen and took a baby-food jar. 

I adhered a pebble stone to the inside of the lid and then the soldier to the pebble. Any jar works for this, I guess. I filled the jar almost to the top with water, added a pinch of white glitter and a dash of glycerin (you can easily find it at pharmacies) to keep the glitter from falling too quickly. I screwed on the lid tightly. Here it is, my homemade snow globe with a German soldier from WW II in it. In a way, I captivated my enemy in a peaceful wintry scene. As I turned the jar over and back again, the scene in the globe was captivating.  


  1. Neat Idea. I Love It<3

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