Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Annual Reporting Project

This is an annual reporting project by NB:Studio. The designers treated six separate articles as individual books which means they used different tone, colours and layout to make them individual and thus added interest. Then they stuck them together to house them in something memorable as Ben Scott from NB:Studio put it. 

Well, I do not like reporting at all but when I happened to see this project the idea of piling a letter in this reporting manner just walked into my head. I was writing a letter to Gizem who was my flatmate in Ankara then and divided my letter into parts to fit the individual booklets which made it possible to use different colours to highlight the transition from one letter to the other. I stuck all the letters into a regular office file colour paper to make it look more like a report. But the front cover needed an illustration or a photograph to tell the change in my life after I left Ankara. So I decided to stick a picture portraying all the thingies related to Bosnia and its multi-ethnic society. The cover would tell Gizem the overall picture of my new life here in Sarajevo in comparison to the years spent in Ankara. I added some images to the envelope as the final touch. 

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  1. This is amazing! It was such a pleasure just to hold this peace of art, let alone to read it. I'm jealous of Gizem... ;)