Saturday, February 12, 2011

Too Precious to Miss: The Winter Sun

I remember a friend thanking the Sun on Facebook last week for waking her up in the morning: She was from Sarajevo, for sure, because we live in a city where the Sun keeps playing hide-and-seek almost all year long. When it shows off like it did during the whole last week, we just sit back and enjoy ourselves until it goes down. Now, look at the photographs below: I had a great opportunity to shoot Milou while playing with the oranges and grapefruits in the bowl. Everything in the room was leaving shadows as the heart-warming light was shining through the window. The scene with all those contrast of the colours, shadows, and Milou's hands filled me with a feeling like 'presentiment'.

"Presentiment is that long shadow on the lawn
Indicative that suns go down;
The notice to the startled grass
That darkness is about to pass."

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