Sunday, January 2, 2011

Switching to Organic Food or Not?

Only the popular question "To switch to organic food, or not to switch?" may second  the worldwide famous question "To be, or not to be?" these days. I've heard much conflicting information on the definition of organic, pesticides in our food and environment, why organic is needed especially for children and of course why organic costs more. After you finish reading or listening to all those lectures, you again find yourself alone with the same question. In my case, the question mark is a bigger one because I want to feed Princess Milou healthy food as millions of parents would do around the world but I do not want to turn down the chance to give Milou delicious food she loves. The fragile strings of her food preferences will soon be pulled by a huge team of marketers and daddy and I will be roleplaying Don Quixote and Sancho Panza and tilting at the windmills of that industry. One more thing to note, Milou refuses to eat when we add sugar to her food and wants to eat more when we give her vegetables which may be signalling she will walk on the right path on her own. Keeping all these in mind, we decided to make her diet ''just better'' and bring it to balance - no strict rules like eating only raw organic vegetables, that's it. I think it's so easy and clear as it sounds. Increase fruit, vegetables and whole grains on one side and decrease artificials, chemicals on the other side while letting her eat what she loves at times. Formulating a varied diet and avoiding chemicals is just all we could start with now.

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  1. I hate to say this but 'welcome to the desert of truth'. I wanted to be 'Morpheus' who was the one always believing in 'Neo'.