Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Inspired to serve?

A friend of mine is serving in the military these days not because he is one of those 'inspired to serve' but because he has to. In Turkey, military service is compulsory and it applies to all male citizens. However, the motives which led millions of Turkish men to serve in the military so far have already cracked into pieces. Believing in no benefits or opportunities in the service, young men in Turkey today are looking for excuses to delay their 'duty'. They hope a change in the law will soon abolish mandatory military service leaving space to a fully voluntary one. 
Well, I decided to make my friend smile and forget the absurdity of the service for a few seconds by sending him a card using his fiancée's picture and a poem about missing somebody. If, by any chance, there's some deeper meaning hidden in the military service, it must be the bitter experience to miss your beloved ones after all. He received the card a few days ago and here are the photographs. 

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