Monday, May 21, 2012

Cheese means a lot to some.

I do love cheese. 

I also love grilled smoked cheese on toast. 

Here is a photograph of one of those morning treats: Grilled Bosnian smoked cheese on toast. The light brown rind means it has a light smoky flavour with a creamy, moist and sliceable texture. Before grilling, sprinkle the cheese with some extra virgin olive oil and season it with dry rosemary leaves and watch how the sandwich transforms into a super light and yummy snack that you can enjoy any time during the day. Although smoked cheese is commonly known as Circassian cheese and available at the supermarkets in Turkey, it is not the favourite by the Turkish. Feta rules. 

 Well, I didn't know that provides such fantastic recipes using cheese. I came across with the page while surfing for the photographs of different types of smoked cheese from other countries. Here is the link to that website:

The Shopping Tip:
Smoked cheeses will generally have a golden brown rind. Note that a cheaper way for producers to add a smoky flavour to cheese is to use an artificial liquid smoke flavouring. Look for those that have actually been smoked, rather than artificially flavoured. 

OHIO Hickory Farms Smoked Cheese Bar Vintage Advertising Old Ad Postcard

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