Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winter in Sarajevo

Front cover illustration featuring Schwarzer Peter
Winter has arrived in Sarajevo and the snow made me remember a box of cards Milou had received along with some toys after her arrival. I'd totally forgot about them.  It is the traditional German card game known as "Schwarzer Peter" or Black Peter which is a similar game to Old Maid. The cards were printed in Germany by Ravensburger. We found actually two sets of cards inside the box. The first group of cards with illustrations by Wolfgang de Haen on them were designed in pairs plus the  Schwarzer Peter card. The two cards in each "pair" are related by subject matter, but each card has a different illustration. Here I'm only posting a few of the cards illustrating winter days. I love them and I'll start playing with Milou right away today. The temperatures drop down to minus I don't know what here in Sarajevo and we won't be able to step outside the door most of the time during the following few months. We'll definitely have great time at home with these cards while I introduce Milou winter activities.

Milou's super dad shovels snow every day.

We haven't made our first snowman yet. 

Bobsleigh riders: Milou and twin cousins.

Skiing lessons will start soon. 

Remember to feed the ducklings in the park. 

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