Friday, December 17, 2010

Pucca Funny Love

Duran is a precious young man in our lives. He loves Pucca and watching her funny love adventures. His birthday is on December 2 and he just turned 23. We decided with Milou to make a Pucca costume and 'Happy Birthday' card so that I could take photographs and send them to Duran as our birthday gift. 

We finished the whole costume, make-up and shooting all in just one hour. I cut and reshaped my red blouse into Pucca's plain red dress and then cut off the feet pieces of a pair of black tights to make Pucca's hair. After stuffing two lightly blown balloons inside the feet parts, I stitched them into the main part I cut from the upper part of the tights. I added leftovers from my red blouse to finish. I think the buns look a little bit over-sized but the result is amazing, isn't it? Duran loved it. Nothing else matters. 


  1. What can I say? :) This was the best gift. I was always looking for Pucca. She found me and brought me a perfect happines. If you see her eyes and smile, you can understand what Funny Love means. Thank you. May the happiness be with you, forever...

    Duran :)