Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First Steps

It's been a while since Milou started standing against the couch, sliding along it and even standing solo, though, we need a few weeks more to take the first steps alone. I've noticed I'm using 'we' instead of 'she' or 'our' instead of 'her' when it comes to talking about Milou's own walking experience. It's probably because I've been sharing her every milestone together but I think there is something beyond it: She hasn't grown enough to realise what's going on around and I feel I'm one of those few to record and remember each milestone like walking on behalf of her. I'm noting down every detail as 'we' leave them behind. If you examine the pictures below, you'll see similar expressions on the adults' faces surrounding the little stepping babies. Whenever Milou stands solo - ready to step toward independence - I feel as if they were my own first steps and get excited blended with a sense of happiness. A big smile of confidence follows wiping all 'our' worries off  'our' faces. 

by Johann Victor Kramer

 The First Steps by Frederick Arthur Bridgeman

 The First Step by Jozef Israels

The First Step by Pierre Auguste Renoir

First Steps by Vincent van Gogh  

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