Friday, September 10, 2010

French Vanilla

I have some friends who are addicted to french vanilla cappuccino. It is always the first and only drink witnessing our every coffee shop talk. Whenever we meet, one of them – after sipping her cappuccino - argues that the flavour in her mug is so genuine that she can swear the staff behind the counter warmed the milk with real vanilla caviar and vanilla pods in the same pot. 
vanilla caviar and vanilla pods combined with milk and sugar
When they notice the sarcastic smile on my lips, I tell them once again 95 % of ''vanilla" products actually contain artificial vanilin. 

This piece of estimated information naturally does not put any distance between the artificially flavoured drinks and their addiction. They just murmur something like "Hhmmm, interesting..." and take another sip.

The last time we had a similar conversation, Moses whispered into my ears "Why not make artificial flowers that look like genuine using french vanilla crepe paper?" I did not know a lot about flowers and making paper flowers, and so I just followed my inspiration. 



The natural look of the flowers in this table bouquet eventually made me smile once again but this time with a blossoming heart. They are beautiful alone, there is no need to mix them with a variety of other colours or different flowers. 

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