Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ever been arrested for blowing bubbles?

At our last Zara shopping session Milou grabbed a realistic looking bubble ice cream cone off the counter. I unscrewed the ice cream off the cone and started blowing great bubbles through attached wand. We loved and naturally bought it. 

We later found out blowing bubbles at Milou's every meal time is a perfect solution for her lack of appetite. We have already got used to her persistent refusals to swallow but the moment the bubbles started coming out of the wand, she was just captivated. Her superdad Emir kept on blowing and it worked. The bubles were floating away in little happy circles. It was just something peaceful. When they popped,  it turned into something exciting

Have you ever been arrested for blowing bubbles?
Princess Milou hasn't, yet. Yesterday I watched this video about a protestor blowing bubbles at the G20 protests in Toronto and so threatened by a police officer to be arrested on June 27, 2010 . The officer says "If one of those bubbles touches me, it's assault" and then the protestor is taken away into a police van.

After gazing in openmouthed bewilderement for a couple of moments, I pulled myself together to google for pictures about blowing bubbles to understand what the "offense"or "assault" could be. Here are some of them. Can you spot any "offense"? You can enjoy many more at an art admirer and history lover Lili's blog.
by Russian artist Alexei Harlamoff

Summer Day by Tatiana Deriy

by Dutch painter Bernard Pothast

Last but not  least, "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" is a popular waltz which was first published in 1919. 

Here is the recording by Albert C. Campell and Henry Burr. Check it out!

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