Saturday, August 14, 2010

Red Apples

"Brita as Iduna" (1901) by Carl Larsson

A few days ago, my mother-in-law brought Princess Milou some red organic apples. While I was trying to remember how to say 'red apple' in her language, I realized how she had always followed her motherly instinct all those years to find healthier and more natural food for her sons. Interestingly enough, she had never googled for 'how to tell if a fruit or vegetable is organic, conventionally grown or genetically modified'. Instead, she had just made friends with small local farmers.
Containing no chemicals the apples would have gone bad soon if I hadn't found a way to turn them timely into something delicious. Instead of googling for a recipe which might cost packets of baby rice for Milou, I just followed my motherly imagination and here is the result. 

While I was taking photographs, I remembered how to say 'red apple' in Bosnian – Crvena Jabuka which is also the name of a popular Sarajevo-based pop band founded in 1985.

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