Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Marry! Mary!

"Why are you this much cheerful today? What is it that's made you so happy?" was the first two questions one of my dear friends in Istanbul dropped in the chat box this morning. My answer was a quick and short one: "I just woke up happy." As the greetings were turning into girlie gossip, I found out the source of my glittering happiness: I had completed my postcard project the night before and gone to bed with an ecstatic smile on my face.

Having signed another artistic creation was my mere source of happiness which was dazzling even from between the lines in the chat box. No one else could buy such a postcard in any gift shop around the universe. I was truely content that my postcard was something totally new and unique. The friend I made it for would appreciate my talent and applaud the result. She would tell everbody how creative and innovative I am. Hoping for such self-appraising and so satisfactory feed back, I am still carrying that rapturous smile on my face.

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