Monday, June 26, 2017

DIY Terrariums: Insanely beautiful gifts

Your seven-year-old can surprise you with the simplest but insanely beautiful gifts ever and all they need is a baby food jar that you have no idea to do with and a little bit of imagination. 

Asya excitedly ran to me one afternoon with these two baby food jars in her hands. She had apparently taken the jars from the recycle drawer in the kitchen, that's where she heads whenever she 'has an idea'. 

At first glance I couldn't understand why she had brought them to me and I had no idea what those two small baby food jars were to offer me yet.

"I've made a gift for you, mom." she said.

 The moment I knelt down to see what her gift was the beauty of the amateur terrariums she had assembled on her own simply amazed me. 

She had used grass, snail shells and some flowers to create those 'spring's finally here' gifts. That's how she called her DIY terrariums, by the way. 

Well, Asya has always been a gift maker and gift giver. That's one of her personal trademarks now so I was supposed to be ready for such a gift, in theory. But she managed to surprise me and enchant me one more time with those fabulous little terrariums the arrival of spring had inspired her to make. I am not quite sure what I appreciated more: the finally arrived spring, Asya's creative inspiration and endless power of imagination, her fantastic recycling skills or her outbursts of making and giving gifts.

If you are interested in making easy DIY terrariums which need a little bit more technical details than Asya's, learn more here.


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