Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Street Food

Hot dogs in the U.S., maize on the cob in Tanzania, and crepes in France: In nearly every country of the world, street vendors serve up fast, cheap, tasty snacks. These are just a few. 
Pani puri (also called golgappa)
Potato cubes, chickpeas, and tomatoes are stuffed in a fried flour shell, then drenched in a tamarind sauce. 

Bread rings, brushed with egg white to add shine, are tied together with a string to hang around the neck or wrist. 

Paleta de mango
Pierced with a stick, then peeled and scored into sections, the fruit is sprinkled with lime juice, chili powder , and salt.

Grilled pork sausage is sliced and topped with a few squirts of ketchup, then dusted with curry powder. It's served qith a roll or fries. 

Fritters of mashed black-eyed peas are filled with vatapa, a sun-dried  shrimp puree mixed okra, tomatoes, and cilantro.


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