Thursday, February 7, 2013

Candy Makers in Visoko, BiH

This is Nazmi's candy parlor where he, with his wife, makes old-fashioned candies in Visoko which is a small town nearby Sarajevo. He owns and runs perhaps one of those rare shops where they still use generations-old equipment. Their products are old-fashioned and all hand-packed. They don’t make or sell zillions of products, just a few including the sesame and caramel candy I used to enjoy when I was a kid. All of them emphasize the handmade feel.

I wasn’t lured to the fairy-tale charm of the old shop, however, when I stepped into the shop, I felt as if I entered a world where nothing was rushed. Nothing seemed more important than the making of candies. An old man was rolling at least a twenty-kilo-piece of candy on the cooling table and a woman of his age was helping him holding the melted red candy. Their method seemed a bit too old-fashioned, but it was what gives the whole process and the products their charm. They make candy in small batches and nothing else mattered. I fell in love with the old roll cutter they have. 

I bought whatever they had ready on the shelves, but we couldn’t wait until they had finished the striped candy squares. We left. We headed for Sarajevo leaving the old couple in their shop behind. 
I don’t know how much candy they make or sell every year, I don't know whether they teach anybody else how to make candy using their own recipe, or I don't know who buys their products. However, I want to be of some help to the old couple. I wish I could help them make candy while they can. It’s a pity I don’t live in that town. I wish I did…

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