Saturday, September 10, 2011

Milou in the Jungle

I feel lucky to have a garden. A garden with enough space to play and grow vegetables in. Milou, having no notion of luck, just loves the garden. As she does so, it is fun and a great pleasure to watch her rake the leaves.

It is even greater happiness to see the big smile on her face after she finishes her job and looks at the camera proudly. 'Milou in the Jungle' might be the name of the next bedtime story we'll make up tomorrow.


  1. Everybody is looking for happiness and she has one. :)

  2. :) Luckily she has. I hope she won't turn into a happiness hunter soon! If so, it would be really tough to satisfy her :)

  3. Ya hocam burada böyle yorumlar çok uygun kaçmıyor biliyorum ama kızınıza seslenmek istiyorum :
    "Kız ben seni parçalarım bölerim lokma lokma yerim beah off beah"