Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Day at the Zoo

Today we headed to Pionirska Dolina which is the City Zoo in Sarajevo. Among other animals, this llama was particularly my favourite. The moment it got out of this fabulous hut in the photo, it kept staring at me or I felt as though it was. Anyway, do you remember the scene in the Harry Potter series where a silver stag appears as Harry Potter conjures the Patronus Charm to repel dementors? Well, that is almost what I felt when it emerged out of nowhere. A typical llama it was after all but I loved it. Have a look! 

Well I wanted to share two videos about the zoo life. The first one is pretty old: A Day at the Zoo is a 1939 Warner Bros. animated cartoon in the Merrie Melodies series.
The second one, Creature Comforts, was originally a 1989 British humorous animated short film about how animals feel about living in a zoo, featuring the voices of the British public "spoken" by the animals. It was created by Nick Park. 


  1. Hey sister, can't you read??? Stop feeding the monkeys. :D

  2. LOL!!!! It's now common knowledge that the monkeys ate Milou's ticket! :) Wish you'd seen the expression on her face while the monkey was chewing it nicely :)

  3. If I were the monkey, I'd eat her ticket either. I want to send Milou a song. (dont make her watch its just for listening) :D