Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Milou's Travels around the World

Milou is a little lucky princess. Have a look at her birthday gift: A story book written, illustrated and published by her super dad for only Her Highness. It tells Princess Milou's adventures with her best friend Köpiş across the world from Zimbabwe to the South Pole. Köpiş is the embodiment of Milou's favourite toy at home and it was a great idea to illustrate him as Milou's companion during all those far-away travels which makes it much easier for Milou to identify herself with the main character of the story. She also meets other animals in those regions and makes friends. It's just something great for a little princess who goes crazy and hugs animals whenever she sees them around. 

Only a couple of days ago, we were cycling around and stopped to say hello to two shepherds who had let their herd graze and Milou didn't hesitate to go embrace the first sheep she could caught although it was the first time she'd seen some. To my surprise, she was fearless enough and full of love towards animals to go pat the shepherds' two enormous dogs. She just walked up to them and touched the first wet nose she could reach. Well, she loves animals. 

Anyway, the book is stunning with all those different kinds of holiday ideas while showing Milou in a variety of local clothes. Illustrating the parents approving and encouraging such an idea - travelling around the world on her own and returning home safe and sound- is also highly motivating for the reader. What is more, a friend of mine requested Milou's super dad to prepare a new book for her own son with the same story but with a few details adapted to their own lifestyle. As far as it seems, I'll be helping him soon with new stories to illustrate for other children as their birthday gifts! I wanted to share these photographs with you quite some time ago but here the story goes now! 

Milou loves the book!

The front cover illustrates Milou and her best friend Köpiş

The name of the publishing company was invented by her super dad as well:
  Little Asia Library 

It's dad and mum waving goodbye!

The first destination is London, no doubt!

Then she goes on an eco-holiday in the Sahara Desert and perhaps spends some time with the Blue Men!
India is the next stop!
Milou, then, goes on a canoe safari on the River Zambezi!

She gallops on a mustang with Köpis running along.

Milou's on an emergency mission to the South Pole to take paracetamol to the penguins there! 
Returning home safe and sound with Köpiş!


  1. Can't help but read through your blog. It's so refreshing and this post is really sweet!

  2. Thank you! I owe this sweet post to Emir Isovic :) and the great pictures he made for his daughter :)