Sunday, June 1, 2014

"Never Give Up" Cookies

"You never give up, sis!" was the best confession & compliment I've received lately. When my sister, on Skype, said it so unexpectedly, I got puzzled for a split second to associate the statement to any recent event or accomplishment I'd been involved in. Well, there was none apparently.

When she saw the expression of confusion on my face, she explained it immediately. She'd happened to call me right after the first tray of thumbprint jam cookies (please read the previous post) came out of the oven and seen how the strawberry jam oozed from the cookies. Anyway, this video call was right after the second time I baked thumbprint jam cookies and this time with my own additions to decorate them. When she saw the cookies all perfect in shape she just wanted to show her appreciation: "You never give up, sis!"

My sister had a point actually. I felt a strong need to bake thumbprint cookies once again to see if there was anything I could add/do to make them better. Accordingly, all I did was to chop some walnuts and after shaping the dough into balls and denting each ball as told in the recipe, to roll the cookies in the chopped walnuts. I think that's how I proved to be a determined cooking enthusiast. I think I am so. Yes, I am a cooking enthusiast, a determined one.

For the full recipe, please see the previous post.

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