Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pumpkin Skewers with Hazelnuts

Ladies and gentlemen! It's a great pleasure to introduce my pumpkin skewers! 

They look fabulous, don't they? They definitely do.

Well, I had the idea of threading pumpkin onto skewers upon a happy coincidence. When I learned that a new friend of mine also loves the pumpkin dessert, which is the happy coincidence itself here, I wanted to surprise her with something new about the way it is served since I wanted to stay loyal to the way it is made. 

Skewers are associated mostly with meat and its variants. Pumpkin, on the other hand, is never served on them. When I saw the bunch of skewers in a drawer, the idea just walked into my head.  

I love happy coincidences and the consequences.


Granulated sugar
Cinnamon sticks
Crushed walnuts, hazelnuts or grated coconut. 

Step 1: Peel the pumpkin, seed it and cube it into big chunks (1 1/2 inches or 4 cm square), and put in a pot.


Step 2: Add sugar (300 grams for 1 kilo of pumpkin) and leave to steep for 4 hours, or until the sugar has all dissolved. Add 2-3 cloves or 1-2 sticks of cinnamon into the pot. Go for one of them.


Step 3: There is no need to add water. However, if you want to add some just in case, add no more than 100 ml. Simmer for at least 30 minutes over medium heat until the pumpkin is tender and gets a deep orange colour. Remove from heat.

Step 4: Let it cool completely. Drizzle with the syrup left in the pot. 

Step 5:Dice the pumpkin and cover in crushed hazelnuts. Thread pumpkin onto skewers. 

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