Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Drinks for Iftar: Fresh Plums with Cloves

Being so easy, tasty and refreshing home-made summer drinks have turned out to be my favourite this summer. Every other day I use whatever I have on hand in the refrigerator to make some cooling and healthy drinks. Here comes the latest one: Plum juice with cloves. It's one of those traditional Ramadan drinks my mom used to prepare for iftar dinners in Istanbul. I'd also like Milou to feel the same spirit when it comes to Ramadan and all the blessings it surrounds us with. 

Anyways, whether for Ramadan or not, as long as you some fresh plums in the kitchen, you can always follow a few simple steps to enjoy this fabulous cooler.

1 kilo fresh plums
3-5 liters water
1 kilo sugar
2 cloves
2 teaspoons sour salt

1. Wash the plums well and slice them into halves.
2. Put them in a big saucepan and add the sugar and water. 
3. Bring to a boil over high-medium heat.
4. Add the cloves. 
4. Let it simmer until the plums let their red colour out.
5. Add the sour salt. Keep boiling for another 5 minutes.
6. Remove from the heat.
7. Let it sit at room temperature to cool.
7. Once cool, strain it to a sealed container and store it n the refrigerator.

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