Sunday, March 27, 2011

Once upon a Time...

I love the stock phrase "Once upon a time" in storytelling. I start almost every story I tell to Princess Milou with that phrase no matter when all the events in my instant-story take place. I've inherited this widely accepted convention from my granny and it seems Milou will be starting her own stories with the same line in the near future. 
From time to time, I let her have a look at her own photos which I, in advance, put in a particular order so that they tell a story as we did with these photographs. I told her 
... the princess in the story reaches an enchanted well after an adventurous journey from her castle. The prince she is looking for has unfortunately been turned into one of the ornaments decorating the well. She has to tell which is the prince and pick it up to break this cruel spell...
Well, the tale went on as much as my instant-story-creating mind allowed but if you click on and have a closer look at the last group of pictures, you will see whom Milou picked to break the charm: Otto Mann - the fictional character on the animated TV series, The Simpsons. He is the school bus driver for Springfield Elementary School. I gave it a big laugh when I imagined Otto Mann as the prince charming in this fairy tale. 

Princess Milou looking for the missing Prince.

Otto Man: the prince charming!

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