Friday, November 5, 2010

Tempus Fugit

I am allergic to kiwi fruit and so is my father. We both have the same symptoms in response to contact with the fruit. The day I realised this fact only 3 years ago was the day I stopped thinking that I did not belong to my parents. For years, I ridiculously waited in vain to discover that my father and I did not have the same genealogy just because we never sang in chorus all our lives. Never. We were always either at daggers drawn or ganging along. It has always been an unstable and unbalanced relationship. The day I watched his eyes go itchy, sore and watery and then his tongue, lips and throat get swollen after he swallowed a tiny slice of kiwi fruit was the day a sudden sense of belonging erupted in the pit of my stomach leaving no place for absurd suspicions about my ancestry.  It may sound funny but  it was a cushioning relief to see him in a new light - as my father.

                                                                Happy birthday daddy!

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